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Fibre to the home with Eagle Canyon

High-speed broadband in South Africa has been substantially lagging in comparison to the rest of the world. Vodacom is leading the charge towards the deployment of high-speed fibre access throughout the country with their Vodacom Fibre service, a premium lifestyle service offering that allows customers access ... Read More

Taking your training outdoors

For some of us, today’s fast-paced, technology focussed lifestyle has meant that our greatest outdoor adventure comes from walking to and from our cars. Exercising outdoors has many advantages for South Africans. Training in our predominantly long tropical summers increase our vitamin D exposure benefits-vitamin-d and there is also the ... Read More

Blaming the Tools

Every golfer has blamed their tools at some stage or another and some psychologists would argue that letting the clubs take the rap for a poor shot or poor performance is not necessarily a bad thing for pre serving the self-belief of the player.However, it must be said that the modern golfer has more help from the golf clubs he or she chooses... Read More